About Me

I have been called many names but these three are true.

Writer. When I’m good, I write about what I know. When I’m lazy, I write about what I don’t know. Either way, I write every day. Someone clever once told me that to write sustainably, I need to be versatile. So I write scripts, novels, novellas, short stories, interactive stories and poems. At uni, I studied animation, producing and pharmacy in the hopes it would make me a better writer (and it did!).

Reader. Some days, I read so much I get bedsores. I hate when people ask whether I prefer physical books to reading on electronic devices. Why do I have to choose? If I fall in love with a book, I’ll buy the electronic copy to carry with me and the physical copy as a trophy for my bookshelf.

Ideal Eater. I eat six to seven times a day. Breakfast, elevensies, lunch, foursies, dinner, supper, midnight snack. Sadly, this is not a blog on what I’ve eaten because food rarely stays on my plate long enough to be photographed.