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Following my post (rant) about the fascination with artists’ creative spaces, I decided to email all my artistic friends to ask them about their relationship with their work space. Their replies have been interesting. So I’ll be posting their responses regularly. This first entry is from my illustrator/ designer/ writer friend, the talented Gert Geyer

Hiya Marianna,

I love what you wrote about the myth of the magic art space. I find myself half-fantasising that if I had the right space I could make the right work. But it’s wishful, unrealistic thinking. I just want a space that I don’t keep tripping over myself in. I need room!


Photo by KTB,

In the past I haven’t possessed either the physical or emotional space to make art and so–I was a writer. It was easier to be small; to squirrel myself and my work away. But I wasn’t really happy being so small and diminutive. I wanted to make big, messy work. Slowly, I transitioned to making visual work on my computer and gradually began making more physical work at the dining room table or my bedroom floor. I don’t have a studio away from home–that’s something I’ve always lusted over and ultimately would like to have. I work where and when I can and often am obliged to pack up my work in the middle of something. This photo is taken of me luxuriating in the closest I have to a real studio; at my parent’s house while they are out of town. Here I’ve plenty of room and: solitude! I’m still looking for the perfect space. ‘Perfect’ not because it allows me to make truly inspired work but ‘perfect’ due to much more practical reasons: the light is good, there’s no carpet on the floor, I can move about without tripping over. While I’m searching I’ll keep on making art–wherever, however.

Gert is represented by TW FineArt. You can check out Gert’s work on her website

If you would like you and your workspace to feature in this series, send me a photo of your work space as well as a one paragraph description of where you work, what you like/ dislike about it and what your dream work space would look like if you had limitless money. Email to

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