GOMA versus MONA

I’m sure the intelligentsia will disagree but…I think GOMA is much better than MONA! I said as much to my partner when we went down to Tasmania over the summer. Undoubtedly, MONA has the best feng shui – you can’t beat the way the structure rises from the peninsula, like a fortress or some sort of supervillain lair. But in terms of the art collection – GOMA wins hands down, even though it’s a bit of an unfair comparison seeing the MONA is mainly the work of David Walsh’s private collection and the GOMA is state funded

Sure, MONA has the giant poop machine (The Cloaca by Wim Delvoye) but having worked in hospital, there’s nothing profound about the smell of a colostomy bag. And while I was amused enough by Cunts and Other Conversations (Greg Taylor) to buy my own sandalwood version for $35 in the gift shop, the installation played on shock value and felt gimmicky.





GOMA on the other hand has been my spiritual home since I was an idealistic art student. One day, I’d wandered down to the gallery with my art diary tucked under my arm, and ended up in this cavernous space filled by Ron Mueck’s In bed.


At the moment, they have a playfully curated exhibition by New Zealand sculptor Michael Parekowhai called The Promised Land. For aspiring musicians, you can make a booking to practice on the piano he made. Here is a link to the wonderful exhibition which will be on until June:




Also, for the intelligentsia, next door to the Parekowhai exhibition is another show by some random artist called David Lynch – I guess some people could like his stuff if they like the sound of fingernails down a blackboard.

So if you’ve ever got a day to choose between going to GOMA or MONA, you should probably choose MONA, not because it’s a better gallery but because it’s in Tasmania. But not because Tasmania is particularly fun but because it’s like an hour away from Melbourne.


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