Antipodean punk show

The Antipodean Steampunk show

Cogs and brass pins are somewhere in my top ten favourite things (underneath puppies and cupcakes but above haybales and tumbleweed). So when I found out that Artisan  (formerly Craft Queensland) was hosting an Antopodean Steampunk exhibition, I trekked to the Valley in 33 degree heat  to catch the exhibit.

Here are some of the pieces from the show….. Sorry for not listing the artists. Details for the exhibition can be found here




IMAG0057IMAG0056IMAG0055Although I loved the exhibition concept, it was let down by the range of execution styles. One digital art piece looked like an amateur had injudiciously gone crazy with Photoshop filters. However, some of the sculptural pieces had an amazing level of craftmanship. I would love for a curator to put together some more exhibition in this style. I see it working in a museum setting with revisionist fantasy descriptions of steam punk Victorian era.


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