Honours Project Completed

It has been a stressful couple of months but well worth it. At last my Honours project Love and Other Commodities has been completed! Special thanks must go to my mentors Andi Spark and Trish Fitzsimmons for their invaluable help. Also, I couldn’t have done it without the Ian Potter Cultural Trust who came on board with financial support in the final month. Y’all saved my butt!

I am desperately in need of a break right about now but sadly I am frantically trying to finish up my workload at Ediacaran productions before – MOVING ON TO A RESEARCH PHD  NEXT YEAR. It turns out that despite all the technical flaws and misgivings about Love and Other Commodities, fortunately the higher powers decided it was good enough to offer me an Australian Postgraduate Award to fund further studies. After a year on this topic, I have decided to take a break from Asian Australian cultural studies for awhile. This is not to say that I won’t be pursuing future work in this area. I’m off to the Australian International Documentary Conference in February to promote Love Com but for my PhD research, I’ve got something very different planned! Update soon.

Meanwhile, here are a few film stills from the final production of Love Com. For the film trailer and more details of the project, see Production Page.


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