I haven’t done a studio work update for awhile because I’ve spent the past couple of months as the digital resident for the Northern Territory Writer’s Centre. The residency has finished now so I’ll be updating my projects more regularly from this website again.

I spent my residency developing an online multi-modal story called Limerence. It was sooooo enlightening working with a team and seeing different approaches to creativity. For instance, if I had my way I would have re-drafted my story indefinitely before showing the interactive designer and programmer but they insisted on seeing the first draft and I’m glad I relented, because interactivity really needs to be built at the same time as the story.

I went to a talk by transmedia guru Mike Jones at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival last year. He said that too many artists focus on releasing a perfect, final product. In transmedia, often you don’t know what the end result will look like, it is an evolving process therefore it is important to keep on testing ideas, releasing prototypes , getting feedback and experimenting until you are happy with the result.

For instance, even though Limerence is exactly as I originally envisioned it for the residency, I now want to build a story app version with more user interactions. You can check out the Limerence project here:

I prefer to read it on a tablet but it also works on a computer.  Limerence has just been shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize from University of Bournemouth.

I’m pretty excited to have my name added to such a talented mix and will update the results in a couple o f weeks.


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