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Warning: I’ve had to amend this blog entry since it went online last week. On the topic of mummy culture, I may suffer from a few anger management issues so I’ll try to succinctly sum up what I mean without offending anyone.

I wish people would stop asking me when I’m going to have kids. I don’t know if a lot of people get asked this or maybe from the exterior, I look super fertile so people just see me and think, ‘Wow, her uterus looks super vascular. She should totally be reproducing!’ I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been asked this question more than 100 times in the past five years. What’s more annoying is that my partner never gets asked this question. People just ask him normal questions about how work’s going and stuff. I’m more than just  reproductive organs.

No good can come of asking people if they want to have kids. Think about all the possible answers: Some couples may not be physically able to have kids; some may not be ready – financially or mentally; others may not have found the right partner and some people just don’t want to have kids. There is nowhere this conversation can go without you looking like a jerk.

I recently found a mummy blog from an old high school acquaintance that made me so mad. Underlying the superficial advice on how to be the hostess with the mostest and ‘Gosh don’t kids say the darndest things’ entries, there was this smug presumption that the nuclear family is still the dominant ideology. Given all the media coverage on gay marriages (and all the other family structures that exist), this is the part of mummy culture that annoys me the most (although I also think knitted booties are creepy so I don’t get why clucky people coo over it).

I drafted a couple of nasty comments on this mummy blog before I hit delete because I decided I didn’t want to be that person. Instead, I diverted all my anger into a new art piece (titled The Mummy Blog) which I hope to exhibit in October (more exhibition details to come later). I’m not sure about how to finish it yet – probably looking at coconut white glaze with deco prints for the dress. I don’t like to change the surface of porcelain much because it is naturally such a smooth, beautiful finish.mummyblog


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