Week Three: Honours Research Project

I’ve made two new breakthroughs this week with regards to limiting my scope of research.

The first happened after a meeting with GFS guest artist Myrna Gawryn.

Myrna’s background is in choreography for theatre but her specialty in human movement and expression led her to work with animators from studios such as DreamWorks, LucasFilms and Gobelins.

Myrna’s just one of those awesome people whose name will slot into sentences like ‘When I grow up, I want to be just like (insert name)

Anyway, the Honours students were given the option of consulting with Myrna about their projects. Given my project was a live-action/ animation documentary I didn’t really think I’d have much to talk about with Myrna.

It turned out she’s a wonderful art therapist and a great sounding off board for any creative project. We ended up chatting for over an hour just on pure concept development. She really got me thinking about what was my motivation for this project. After our consultation, I realised I had major anger and cultural pride issues which could impede on the sympathetic male point of view I wanted to portray, and which would probably lead to disastrous interviews.

The second breakthrough came after a phone meeting with Dr Nicki Saroca, whose work in sociology/ cultural studies focuses on trans-cultural marriages between Philippinas and Australian men.

Nicki gave some practical advice as to how to recruit subjects for my study as well as how to apply for ethical approval with Griffith. She was also convinced that my idea to use animation to explore the ‘The mail order Bride, the chimera’ was a unique perspective that hadn’t been looked into before.

As this was also the view of both my supervisors, this is where I’ve decided to narrow my research.

Refinement of Research Question

Key words:

-Social stigma

– shifting context of the chimera bride

– hybrid animated/ live action filmmaking techniques

Further refinement of question:

How can hybrid animation/ live action filmmaking techniques be used to depict the social stigma of the mail-order bride in contemporary Australian society?

How can hybrid animation/ live action documentary techniques be used to portray the shifting context of the social stigma attached to the term mail order bride?

I’m pleased with where my research is going and feel confident I will begin the practical experimentation side very, very soon!

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