Yelping Around

Aaaaaand – done!

My seven week contract as a writer/ reviewer for Yelp is finally up leaving me in a  bleary eyed fug which nothing but deep sleep can penetrate. My left wrist has also started making a strange cricking sound which could be the onset of repetitive strain injury.

Oh well, worsening eye sight and onset of arthritis is a small price to pay for this great writing experience with the lovely people at Yelp.

Writing forty five reviews a week certainly teaches you to think on your feet, to write quickly and articulate your points.

One of my writing lecturers from uni told me that gestural writing is a useful writing exercise. To try and capture the essence of a person in one sentence in thirty seconds. I use to do a lot of gestural drawings when I was in art school, but this was the first time I’d heard the technique applied to writing.

Anyway, gestural writing comes in handy when you’re trying to pull of forty five reviewsa week. I started thnking about stuff like how a place smelt, what was its texture, how did people react to it. Stuff like that makes an interesting opening sentence.

Well, I won’t say I wrote anything of high quality but this contract was a great eye opener. It was the first time I scoured the internet looking for good content – well structured articles, intelligent reviews and opinion pieces that weren’t just flow of consciousness rambling.

Here are some links to my…, more passable reviews.







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