I’m going to be upfront. I know I’m not going to make 50 000 words in 30 days. I’m a nitpicking, whatsat-word-I’m-after, closet-thesaurus user. And I suck at idioms. And I make similes as awkward as those wallaby foetuses that crawl to its mother’s pouch oozing placenta juices everywhere. Also, I’m going to a writing conference in Canberra for five days late November.

Nevertheless, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! Basically I need to write 1666 words for 30 days to make up a 50 000 word novel in a month. Even if I have to delete my facebook account again (Thank God it’s such an impermanent action (just like Buffy the vampire slayer could always resurrect)

I’m feeling pretty prepared. I spent one week reading up on the best software to plot out my novel and then three weeks plotting my actual novel. Post-it notes on foamcore boards turned out to be my favourite system.

One of my early plot attempts

One of my early plot attempts



Two other plot attempts

time paradox

I created time lines for all my characters to make sure they didn’t commit any time paradoxes

I spent another three weeks doing a world building checklist and checking out all my friends fb profiles to see which of their wonderful and annoying habits I can morph together to form a character.

So finally, I’ve put together a synopsis of the science fiction romance I’ll be working on  Love in the Age of Time Travel. (This is also part of my PhD project which makes Nanowrimo even more worthwhile for me). Posting this synopsis is a pledge that I’m really committed cos it will be totally embarressing to have to take down this post if I fail…

(I will now add synopsis writing to similes, idioms, blogging and other self conscious writing styles I suck at…)

Love in the Age of Time Travel Synopsis

Tara Stotts is the newest matchmaker for Everlasting, the time travelling dating agency that for a certain price guarantees to find their client’s perfect match in another era. It’s pretty simple finding soul mates when you can see into the future. But Tara has her own agenda. Her ex-fiancee Noah jilted her on their wedding day for the time travelling vixen, Miranda Lowe. When she finds out he’s temporarily living happily ever after in 2120, she stows away on an illegal spacer to reclaim him.

Unfortunately she’s crash landed into an opulent decade on the verge of collapse, a Götterdämmerung brought about by scarcity of resources and overpopulation. To complicate matters, she’s surrounded by a generation of anti-social layabouts who believe that since time travel exists, all events are pre-destined so there’s no point trying to change what is. Disoriented and confused, Tara is rescued by Ethan Pendergast, the director of the present-time Everlasting. He’s the last person Tara wants help from seeing he was the matchmaker who introduced Noah to Miranda. Ethan claims that Tara’s attempts to win back Noah won’t work. He’s been to the future and Noah does not leave Miranda. It was meant to be. It’s a case of free will versus destiny as Tara and Ethan race against time to find the answer to true love in the age of time travel.

For more info on NaNoWriMo, click here


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