One pomodoro……

It seems stupidly simple but it works for me – so yes, I must be stupidly simple. A friend put me onto this after she caught me lining up all my pencils (from HB to my blue animation pencil) in order of height and pointiness when I was meant to be working on my PhD.

Basically, it’s a time management strategy. Set your timer for twenty five minutes of uninterrupted creative work. Log off facebook. In fact, disconnect from the internet. Glue your butt to the seat. Do not stop working until the buzzer sounds. Even if it’s just flow of consciousness stuff. Write. Draw. Brainstorm. I’ve even added some butt squats and sit ups at the end of every twenty-five minute session.


After an hour and a half (or three pomodoro sessions), I reward myself by sticking my head into other people’s offices to find out what they’re up to. This tomato has changed my life!


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