My studio space has been reduced to dust, vapours and rubble but I managed to deliver my three pieces for the Shadow of a Mouse exhibition! We had our opening party last Thursday at Petrie Terrace Gallery.

Here’s a sneak peak at my three ceramic ladies called Crimson Typhoon, Gipsy Danger and Tacit Ronin (Yes, yes totally named after the jaegers from Pacific Rim because they are awesome and by the time I emerged from my studio, I’d run out of time to think up proper names)

Gipsy Danger

Crimson Typhoon and Tacit Ronin

My ceramic works explore the liminal space between the realistic and the grotesque. I always gravitate towards exaggeration of the female form. I often find that representation of women in sculptures have unreadable face expressions. My female forms are not traditionally beautiful. Instead I try to capture a moment in my characters’ lives. Sometimes this makes them a little self-knowing as if they are cloyingly laughing at the audience but mostly it’s meant to be cheerful and playful (like the jaegers). I can’t help but make my characters look Asian. I think this is just a technical issue I have to fix. Even Gipsy Danger (the French one) looks kind of Asian.

It was a pleasure working with so many talented artists in a range of disciplines from digital painting and puppets to traditional oil painting and comics. For anyone interested, the exhibition will continue until 2nd of November at Petrie Terrace Gallery, 162 Petrie Terrace.



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