Okay, so attending Story Plus was not completely related to my PhD but  I did meet up with a group of like-minded people to talk about all things digital writing. At the same time I felt guilty because I’m entering production stage now of my PhD project Red May so there is plenty of real work I should have been getting on with. I’m the sort of artist who is very mindful about time management when I’m in the flow of production. I don’t like to sit around talking about art with other creative people. Even when I take a break, I like to do constructive things – like organising my Evernote account into meaningful folders and clearing my To Do List on my Google tasks. On a side note, I wish someone would create some sort of file management system game that would reward me with sparkly gems for keeping a neat Evernote account.



(Panel: Lauren Beukes, Mike Jones, Greg Broadmore, Malcolm Neil and Jason Nelson)



(Panel: Mike Jones, Jo Ellis, Richard Nelson and Donna Hancox)




(Above: Mike Jones from Portal Entertainment)

IMG_20140905_093004(The photo above doesn’t do him justice but Richard Nash looks fantastic! If I grow up to be an old man, I want to look just like him!)

Anyway, I digress. The Story Plus Conference hosted by Brisbane Writers Festival and QUT Writing the Digital Future turned out to be a wonderful event. Here’s a summary of notes I took from the guests speakers.

MagicalHD_notes1 MagicalHD_notes2 MagicalHD_notes3 MagicalHD_notes4 MagicalHD_notes6MagicalHD_notes7-1MagicalHD_notes7-2MagicalHD_notes8







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