The Marriage Plot Thickens

I’m blogging about my PhD under duress. Write it down, they say. It will help articulate the problem. Maybe come up with some solutions.

People are wrong! Writing about the process of creative writing only takes away time I could actually be creatively writing. (and blogging doesn’t count as creative writing. Maybe for some people. Not for me) The only reason why I’ve capitulated on my stance is because I’ve just delivered my early candidature milestone and as part of my methodology I promised a triangulation research method including some soul searching self-reflexivitiy.

So – here is a super brief recap of my research for the past six months. My research is called Transmedia Storytelling: The Marriage Plot Thickens

My research examines how the relationship between the audience-author dynamic and the pleasure principle impact on transmedia design. This will feed into my studio practice which explores how the courtship and marriage plot in novels can be adapted to transmedia.

And here is (just one) of my problems,
How do I design a literary based story app for the ipad to appeal to older (Gen X), female demographic? What kind of gamification would appeal to this audience? How to build the gamification into the story and not just as gimmicky additional content?

I suspect the issue is that I’ve already started writing a short story but did not consider the app design from the beginning. Now I’m having trouble trying to wedge in transmedia elements that just won’t fit.

There! Now that I’ve written it down, I expect the answer to come within the next twenty four hours.


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